Aug 20, 2013

On Sunday I made my weekly pilgrimage to the downtown farmers market for greens and veg. Normally I stick to the farmer's stalls, but this time wandered into the food court - ya'll better not sleep on the international market in there! I saw a sign for Cinnasmiles. These sticky rolls would be my death by gluten nowadays, but I had to ask if she had some GF love on the table. No luck, however, she responded with an enthusiastic, "I remember you!!!" Annetta reminded me that she was one of my World Vision volunteers over a year ago at Musician's Corner... we discussed my leap of faith quitting my job, going to Rwanda, and becoming an LMT. She told me I inspired her to start her own business and follow her dream. I was trying to pick my jaw off the floor, not cry, and thank her for thanking me all at the same time. Not my smoothest moment, but Jon Acuff would be proud. 

Starting your own business and following your dream is not one leap of faith. It's several leaps. Sometimes you land on your feet, sometimes you land on your face. Sometimes you misjudge the distance and do that awkward really hard landing. Sometimes you win. After several months of landing on my face, having a moment like that with Annetta was a huge encouragement to me. If I won the lottery, I would still want to do bodywork, and would have the funding to get more training! I still love school... *nerd gong*

Share your stories! You never know who might need to hear about your struggles and victories.

And if anyone needs some bodywork and to generally feel better in their body, call me maybe?!

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