Sep 9, 2010

34 things it's taken me 34 years to learn: a completely non-comprehensive list

1. don't buy black towels. they look cool, but pill up and shed those pills all over you post-shower. and in my world, they live in peril of getting bleach on 'em.

2. the food pyramid is wrong. sidenote: put the cheezits/potato chips in a small bowl, and put the box away lest you consume the whole box. eat liberal amounts of living greens, veggies, & fruit.

3. i refuse to live in fear. fear of politics, sensational media, salmonella, vaccines, etc…. i know Who holds the future.

4. the only way to actually get rid of dog hair is a vacuum and scotch brand sticky lint rollers.

5. do not adopt a pet or have a child unless you are willing to dedicate your time & effort to their well-being and making sure their well-being does not leave doodie on those around them.

6. i don't think i am scared of children themselves, it's the responsibility attached to teaching the small humans to be caring, compassionate, and common sensical grown ups with a great sense of humor.

7. it took me until 2007 to make friends with tomatoes. always give new foods a chance.

8. a good haircut and good conditioner are totally worth it.

9. i can only do so much in one day. you cannot pour out good things if you do not invest in your body, mind, and soul with good things.

10. you keep learning the lesson until you learn the lesson.

11. sometimes it is a wise and good thing to quit your job and go to africa.

12. i think churches are like relationships - you choose to join up & stay despite the flaws and the crazy because you love the whole. you choose to be a part of a community, to learn from those who have differing opinions and backgrounds, and to see the value therein.

13. politics exhaust me and i don't like 'em.

14. either i believe who God says He is or i do not. and i need to live with the inherent freedom that comes from believing Him.

15. try things twice - the first attempt could taste bad, be off-season, have bad lighting, etc…

16. try not to collect things. because you will probably have to move and/or dust them.

17. some things can be generic brands, some things MUST be name brands.

example: generic swifter dusters are no bueno. swiffers are far superior. ibuprofen can be generic - ibuprofen is ibuprofen. in the realm of chocolate, lindt is the clear winner.

18. i need to marry someone who understands my crazy and maybe thinks it's cute.

19. know your limits, and continue striving for excellence.

20. self care is actually not optional. water, exercise, naps, reading, etc. are necessary good things. there is a day of rest scheduled in there for a reason.

21. i want to love and to be loved completely, healthily, faithfully, and enthusiastically. and with plenty of silly.

22. invaluable things: time to reflect, traveling & experiencing other cultures, true life-long love, parents who still love each other, being debt free, enthusiastic welcome home greetings from your dog when you just took out the garbage, a good neck and/or foot rub, fresh herbs & flowers, a really good hug, and knowing you are loved because and in spite of who you are.

23. do not give power to anything or anyone that does not deserve it.

24. i need God. a lot.

25. we are lucky to live in this country and are given much opportunity to succeed.

26. spewing hatred at those who have differing opinions does not make the world a better place, nor does it show Love.

27. i can change the world every day. turning off lights when i leave the room, buying a sandwich for a homeless guy, smiling at someone who looks sad, sponsoring a compassion kid, walking my dog, folding my roommate's laundry, praying for our president… never pass up an opportunity to do something nice for someone whether they know it or not.

28. don't expect people to seek you out. it's your job to get out there. initiate.

29. be kind at all times and for no reason whatsoever.

30. getting mad in traffic is a waste of time.

31. i will probably laugh at any sort of pun, and am quite easily amused.

32. never read the comments after any sort of online essay, news article, etc.

33. be aware of toxic relationships. some friendships are seasonal and that is ok. surround yourself with wise, nice, compassionate people.

34. my mighty mighty friend rachel found a quote that says it best: "i myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." augusten burroughs. this resounds within my whole heart.