Oct 31, 2011

sometimes life is like lucy & the football.

this is one of my favorite seasons.  this is one of my most favorite images of fall.  charlie brown vs lucy & the football.  this is also how i felt last week...

i saw the football.
i visualized my approach.
i started to sprint.
i aimed!
i kicked! 
and i missed it.....

i like to plan.  i really enjoy it.  i had planned to go to a structural integration school in miami and be awesome at structural integration and save the world.  my plan was in place.  little things started to happen, but i was so focused on my goal that i missed the little whispers.... a warning note from a family member, the massive financial risk, my body was literally hurting from stress, and i was having terrible dreams.  i just really wanted this training.  i wasn't listening.  it was chaos.

the stress of the sprinting, aiming, and kicking was taking its toll - and nothing was moving forward.  at all.  then a few wise friends spoke, and i finally listened.  this is what they said...
"God does not speak in chaos.  He speaks in peace."
"follow the peace."
immediately after those words, my verse of the day was about how God does not speak in the storm, or in the wind, but in a still, small voice.  amazing that you can know.

the relief of letting go was almost more than i could handle.  i'm not afraid of a struggle.  struggles are good.  they make you stronger; the right answer is made clearer.  so i am not deterred from my goal.  i know there is a link to be made between counseling & bodywork.  i know i want continued training in structural integration, but it's going to be a different path than i thought.  and much better than anything i could hope or dream.

Oct 6, 2011

ROUND 2: the adventures continue!

remember that one time i quit my job and went to africa?  (and needed lots of sunblock?)
remember that one time i went thru massage therapy school and am now licensed?

well, round 2 of needing lots of sunblock is about to commence: after completing 2 sessions of advanced training in connective tissue massage, i've been made an offer i can't refuse to continue my bodywork education at the institute of structural integration in miami/north bay village, FL.

my goal is to find a way to integrate counseling and talk therapy with bodywork therapy for anyone who has survived trauma:  rape survivors, military personnel who have lost limbs, those struggling with PTSD... basically anyone who has the biggest disconnect in their mind-body relationship.  this training in structural integration is a large piece of my puzzle.  once this round is complete, i will be one of 8 therapists in nashville who understand and practice this modality.  our bodies are designed magnificently, and an amazing detail is our mind-body ability to shield us from trauma - we hold trauma down to a cellular level!  some of that cannot be released until that layer of tissue is released.  i believe there is a significant link between talk therapy and bodywork that would bridge the disconnect between mind and body - naturally and holistically.  any one else want to find out?

you can read more about connective tissue massage and structural integration here:
the institute of structural integration in miami

so remember that one time i asked for help to go to africa?  here's round 2.  i drained my savings account going to school the first time around, and building my business here in nashville has been a slow process - as i expected.  this opportunity with training in miami was dropped into my lap, exactly how most of the best things in my life come about.  i'm going to keep this succinct and ask for specific things:
1.  i need prayer.
2.  i'm having a garage sale 10/22 to raise some money - want to donate your fall purge?
3.  i need someone to sublet my room in nashville from jan - may with my awesome roommate.
4.  i would like a house sitting gig in the miami/north bay village area from jan - may, or a possible extra room in someone's home, or any safe housing option.
5.  i would like to bring my little dog with me.
6.  i need money.  cost of living/rent/etc plus school will run around $12,000+.
7.  i need a part time job while i'm there.

i almost choked writing that, but i know and have seen that with God, all things are possible.

any thoughts, ideas, contacts, prayers - all are appreciated.
donations will be happily accepted thru paypal or venmo.

and yes, i will have sunblock in miami.  and a parasol.