Mar 15, 2011


about two weeks ago there was a buzz question - what are you giving up for lent?

as a relatively newb anglican, i'm still stretching into the true, sacred meaning of lent. two years ago i started taking on a something or other, instead of giving up a something or other. giving up chocolate or caffeine doesn't really mean anything to me, and i'm pretty sure God doesn't want me to torture myself.... so this year i decided to take on P90X. healthy shmealthy. taking care of the ol' temple. plus, my pants don't fit as i think they ought. for me, it's an offering of one hour and 30 minutes of my day. working + school + study = this is a big chunk o' time & determination.

the other day my friend JH was over and he asked me what i was giving up for lent. instead of blathering on about it, i had to think. "to keep in simple? self loathing." he responded with a welcome burst of laughter.

on a much holier & less sarcastic note, i offer you this for your Lenten mediations:

“For Lent, 1966”
By Madeleine L’Engle
It is my Lent to break my Lent,
To eat when I would fast,
To know when slender strength is spent,
Take shelter from the blast
When I would run with wind and rain,
To sleep when I would watch.
It is my Lent to smile at pain
But not ignore its touch.
It is my Lent to listen well
When I would be alone,
To talk when I would rather dwell
In silence, turn from none
Who call on me, to try to see
That what is truly meant
Is not my choice. If Christ’s I’d be
It’s thus I’ll keep my Lent.

Mar 3, 2011

LMT journey, part 2. Takin' care of biz-ness.

Website 1, website 2, twitter handle, basic business philosophy, colors, logo, space, business license, massage license, zoning...... What in the world am i doing? The Great Name Game was fought and won: Studio Massage played along with music city, my wee in-home studio, and it was simple. I duked it out with a few geniuses about securing my .com address, but some guy in Madrid has been sitting on it since 2003. So I scooped up the .biz, my own name, and the closest twitter handle I could secure:



3. @StudioLMT

Luckily, I work at a great web design company, have a great boss, smart co-workers, and get great how-to advice. Wondering if I can get an iPad and do everything paperless. That would be a great challenge and oh, how very green of me.

I suppose:

1. .com is best, .biz works the same way, with a bit more effort of promoting my BIZ-ness so people don't default to .com. I will not fall prey to's fear tactics!

2. because it's my name.

3. simple, short, and sweet.

Apparently I need to do MORE research about zoning, certificates, licensing, LLCs, sole proprietorships, incorporations… lots of hoops, so little time.