May 24, 2011


i am THREE days away from completing a 600 hour training program to be a licensed massage therapist.  it was an inkling way back in 1993.  now it's a real thing.  i can't wait to work.

the goal:  to have several steady clients, allowing me to charge a lesser rate so i can help those who couldn't normally afford a massage but desperately need stress relief.  i want to work with military families, rape survivors and those who suffer from PTSD.  opportunities keep popping up out of the proverbial blue.

my favorite comment from my clinic hours last night:
first a muffled grunt, then, "i bet you could rip a phone book in half."

18 years in the making and it's 3 days away.

May 16, 2011

beyond organic

i heard about this from dr. josh axe at exodus health center!  i use garden of life supplements - you can find them at the best price at
here's the article from dr. axe... beyond organic.

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May 8, 2011

sunblock testing, episode 2.

today's sample is Peter Thomas Roth Max All Day Moisture Defense Lotion.  (writing that, i felt like i was back at ol' G and their incredibly long product names...)  

bonus points:
+ non-greasy moisture!
+ smooth and non-irritating!
+ anti-aging!  (ticked off i must start heeding this crap)
+ has vitamins and what not!
+ i kinda like it - have been sporting it for two days and no irritation.

- $29.99.  which really isn't that bad - hurray for amazon prices!  it's $42 on Sephora.  i'm currently paying - $10ish for Aveeno's Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 - again with the long names)
- contains several chemicals like avobenzone & octinoxate that have been called into the principal's office.

so now i have to go look at all my sunblocks and figure out which one will kill me...  juuust kidding.  i will, however, do some homework on more natural or organic sunblocks to see if my old favorites need to be rejected.  and if those that claim they are natural are legit or full of .... really hard for me to not rhyme it..... hitpostnow

May 6, 2011

sunblock testing, episode 1.

have decided to review sunblocks and SPFs. fell for some shiny packaging and a freebie at Sephora because i'm always on the hunt for newer, better, less chemically ways to not fry like an egg. tested these each on my semi daily trek with violet the dog. she taste-tested this one and seemed pleased.

why do you need a sunscreen towelette? dunno.

feels like:
.... a nice lotion when you smooth it on.
.... you dipped your hands in flour about 30 minutes later.

bonus points for the following:
Smells clean - not like a coconut or a beach or a fruit.
paraben and fragrance free, good for my sensitive epithelials.
no animal testing.
packaging: *because 1st impressions and fonts are important, people!
this is pretty, simple, straighforward & yellow. pleasant.

demerits for the following:
not even close to sweat proof.
why, towelette, why?
lots of leftover lotion in the packet. boo and fail.
cost - $34 plus shipping for 21 wee towelettes. @#$!?
are you fresh out of your mind? that's nigh to $1.34 per wee towelette. foolish.

i pity the fool that buys Dr. T's Supergoop.