May 26, 2010

what i've been reading

doing research on a genocide is not fun. one moment is devastating, and the next is wholly redemptive - all because someone chooses to forgive the neighbor that killed their entire family. that's a level of forgiveness that is not of this world.

left to tell was a serious kick in the teeth and gave me a new perspective on how lucky i am to live in the US. ironically, read it several weeks before my rwanda trip came to be. i'll be a microscopic dot on the whole of their story, but i'll be there. it's gonna be amazing!

May 25, 2010

warning: graphic content.

i have been watching this and have been in tears of despair and tears of hope. it's amazing how one poor decision can crumble resolve, cause us to falter on the next decision, and the next... may we never live to gain power & status, but to serve and show compassion to others.

May 24, 2010

donations ya'll!!!

disclaimer: am from detroit - i use "ya'll" for the humor... and i still say pop.

i've had a few request for more info, so i will write out the whole story soon, i promise!

if you would like to use paypal, here is my link: (my account is

if you prefer a tax deductible gift, please write a check to Church of the Redeemer with "rwanda missions trip" in the memo line - please attach my name by sticky note. you can either give it to me directly, or mail it to Church of the Redeemer / 920 caldwell lane / nashville, tn 37204.


May 20, 2010


12 days and counting!!!

on june 2nd, i fly off to rwanda to be a volunteer teacher at a secondary school in a wee town called kibungo. follow the adventures here!

if you would like to help me, please donate via cc here:
any money raised beyond flights & preparation will go directly to the gahima agape secondary school!

never thought i would quit my job to go to volunteer in africa - i can't wait!!!